Clevis Research has long-standing and successful partnerships to provide clients direct access to critical resources, expertise, tools or methods.


Absolventa is vacancy database for students and young professionals. With expertise and strong links to young graduates, Absolventa provides support in developing recruiting solutions. We have found many of our freelancers and colleagues at Clevis Research through the Absolventa network.


Advant Planning

The strategy and research consultancy Advant Planning is our partner for projects in the fields of media, sports and entertainment.
Being Germany’s first full-service consultancy in these sectors Advant provides research capacities, strategy development and marketing planning as well as detailed project management..


Blue Ribbon Partners

Blue Ribbon Partners is a specialised consulting firm and corporate finance company. Blue Ribbon Partners support CLR with expertise in HR project management, finance and controlling.



Metoda is a provider of comprehensive data and information for optimizing pricing, market monitoring as well as monitoring competitors in the retail environment in Germany-speaking Europe.



Toptranslation is a top-class translation service that will be both our and your future partner for the internationalization and localization of communication media. Personal support and the highest quality standards guarantee you will receive the best level of service in the technical translation industry.


Trade and Export Finance

Trade and Export Finance is the leading media and technology company in export and project financing for the commercial and financial industry. TXF publishes relevant industry news, organizes industry events, offers focused training and collects market data. TXF works together with CLR to create continuous market and information transparency for this complex industry.