Market Research & Intelligence

Our understanding and concept of market research

Suitable market research is one the major challenges for companies in times of global change, international competition, increased transparency and easier access to data for customers. No firm with ambition to grow and excel over their peers can risk making strategic decisions without a systematic data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. As one of the leading B2B market and business research firms in Europe CLR supports clients to master this challenging task. We look deep into our client’s markets and help them to identify growth strategies for global expansion. In times of rising big data strategies, proper market and business research includes multiples research methods and sources. Prerequisite for successful project and research is always the combination of tools and data points to get to the true picture. We include desk research, database exports, quantitative market research in combination with expert interviews and focus groups (primary data). We also partner with leading panel partners for larger online consumer surveys.

Market analyses have to be scalable and we will execute these projects across multiple countries at the same time, applying the same standards and measurements. But every project is also customized to the demand of each unique B2B client of CLEVIS.

Success factors in market research and quantitative analyses

From over 300 projects since our formation we learned that there are clear success factors for value adding research projects:
• Close communication and collaboration in workshops between customer and research partner in order to streamline and focus the research
• Joint development of hypotheses on the market as guidelines for the researcher
• Combination of multiple research methods and sources (desk research, expert interviews, panel surveys, databases)
• International scope and data acquisition
• Experienced researchers

Leading topics for our CLR market & business research

Amongst manifold topics and agendas, the following projects should generally be supported by structured market research and actual data:
• Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence
• Market observation for sales strategy
• Pricing strategies
• Brand and reputation strategies
• International expansion
• Innovation research