Competition strategies

Detailed knowledge of competitors, their positioning, cost structure and product strategy can be crucial to a company's success. The competitive landscape is becoming ever more challenging for any type of business. Newcomers are entering the market with disruptive business models and international competitors are grasping at market share in the West's markets. There is a rapidly growing variety of offerings in the market and customers are forming a new image of the value propositions of all suppliers. We assist the management of our clients to get a clear picture of the market. What value propositions do these competitors have and at what price are they offering them? How will the competition develop in the near future? We have access to market and company information and help you to obtain a new level of transparency about the competition and its strengths. We work with you to implement the following projects:

Company profiles: Standardised key facts/company profiles, finances, management, products, developments, news & trends, M & A history

Detail benchmarking: Detailing the company structures (ownership structures, holding structures, etc.), sales breakdown by markets and products, organisational structure, headcounts, customer segments, business model, cost structure

Competition analysis:   Classic competition and positioning analyses, market shares, product benchmarking, strengths and weaknesses of the individual market players. For detailed information about our competitive analysis just click on the following  Link.

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