Market and Sales strategies

Companies face increasing competition worldwide. Changes in markets and shifts in customer segments through innovation, digitisation of sales processes and new competitors from around the world require companies in all industries to adapt to the new environment. We support our clients and partners in this process of adaptation with market information, detailed market research and analyses for perfect setup of the sales organisation. We work with you to implement the following projects:

Market analyses:   Market assessments, market potential, distribution of market share among competitors, development of market models – how big is the market I seek to penetrate? What revenue can I achieve in this unfamiliar niche? Want to learn more about it? Click here Link.

Customer satisfaction analyses:   Who are my customers? What do they think of me as a company? Do my customers notice my values ​​and value propositions?

Trend analyses:   What changes drive my markets? New products, new trends, new challenges and customer needs?

Sales channel benchmarking:   Am I using the right distribution channels for my customers? How can I reach my customers? Are there conflicts between direct and indirect sales channels? How can I customise the incentive management so that conflicts are minimised? We will provide you with support you for developing multichannel strategies that are data driven.

Sales management: Best practices in sales management, competition comparison, benchmarking of sales efficiency, online sales strategies

Development of go-to-market strategies:   How do I enter this new market? What challenges and opportunities will I be confronted with? What are my strengths and weaknesses and what do I need to be able to act in this market? What response should I expect from the competition?

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