The structures of the automotive industry are rapidly changing these days and are becoming ever more complex. Global competition presents the whole industry – manufacturers and suppliers alike – with great challenges. New materials, production methods, technologies and partnerships are just a few issues that companies have to face.

As a competent and experienced partner Clevis Research can help you detect changes in the market early on, identify trends, consider the potential of optimisation and determine customer needs. CLR expertise extends from addressing strategic issues, classic market research analyses to drafting specific recommendations for action.

CLR has amassed extensive international project experience with complex issues such as emission limits and regulations, for example, with a study on emerging markets and a thorough analysis of supplier structures for standardised components in Eastern Europe. In addition, CLR consultants have in-depth knowledge of electromobility, an exciting future topic that is increasingly garnering attention.

The experienced CLR consultants cater to your individual needs and support you personally and directly with your challenges. Feel free to contact us any time for more information or a more detailed list of references we have received from our versatile and demanding clients.