The aviation industry is currently facing various challenges. Tumbling oil prices, new players from Asia and increased competition from less expensive providers (“low cost”) are causing many companies major problems. Specific industry knowledge and early recognition of market trends are essential for securing the future position of a company in the market.

A fundamental change can be observed in the defence industry. Investments in defence technologies, in particular in Western Regions, are being scaled back and contracts are being awarded selectively. While other regions are increasing arms investments and the world has some trouble spots, extensive knowledge of the market and political activities are required to be able to operate successfully in this sensitive environment.

The maritime industry is both globally and in Germany’s one of the most important economic sectors and continues to demonstrate significant potential for growth with sustained globalisation and high levels of exports. However, many subcategories of the industry are subject to a certain amount of cyclicality and challenging market fluctuations. The global economic and financial crisis that took place between 2009 and 2011 caused severe growth slowdowns in many areas of the maritime industry. For this reason, it is essential for market participants to stay abreast of current market events in order to position themselves successfully.

In order to continue to operate successfully in the face of changing market conditions and new challenges, CLR offers in-depth analyses and a comprehensive portfolio of experience and services to formulate a purposeful alignment of your future business activities.