The traffic and transport industries play a central role in the challenges our mobile society present. Markets and competition are subject to complex dynamics that are increasing in complexity. This is reflected in the competition between different modes of transport, increasing customer demands for logistics, the development of individual and collective transport systems or the emergence of ever new demands being placed on transport and environmental issues.

Companies that want to succeed in this sector in the long term must recognise market trends and shifts in demand early on and take appropriate action. Customers and citizens expect intelligent, service-oriented and user-friendly solutions that live up to their individual mobility expectations. Success in this dynamic sector can only be secured if companies have in-depth information on the individual needs and views of their customers and understand collective behaviour changes and trends in the population.

CLR has an experienced team of experts to assist you in gathering the data you need and analysing it. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry, extensive project experience and attend with great detail to individual questions and problems.