In the niche sectors of major industries worldwide there is a lack of transparency in market and competition monitoring. What market share the leading companies and products have in the automotive industry and in the consumer goods sector is often measured and presented to consumers in a transparent fashion. However, the market share of the smallest niche players in the B2B environment is not widely known and only real industry insiders have some insights and the market actors themselves even less.
CLR specialises in applying research and market analysis processes, in particular to niche industries, and thus enters quite frequently into uncharted research territory. In these types of projects, matching secondary data with the opinions of market experts in their respective niche is the only way to obtain data that is commonly practiced.

Research conducted on niche industries in CLR projects has included the following:

• Sales potential for industrial UV curing services
• Sales channels and market shares of different ground systems in Europe as well as their value chain
• Market volume of processed organic apples in Germany
• Market shares and performance portfolios of companies specialising in armouring vehicles worldwide
• Franchise and lease systems at petrol stations operated by leading oil companies