Data gathering serves as the independent foundation of Clevis Research and is an essential part of a wide array of research and consulting projects as well.

At CLR data gathering means the collection, processing, quality assurance, and also the transmission of “raw data” in an adequate format to our customers for their particular information needs. This level of data collection is carried out by CLR in a variety of projects and either constitutes a separate, self-contained project, or is used for further processing and utilization of the information in the other business units.

Depending on the subject area, the information can be supplied in a wide variety of formats and arrangements (datasets, interview transcripts, secondary data archive, descriptive company profile, etc.).
At CLR the process of data collection is always individual, yet highly-standardized and adheres to proven procedures. Data are regularly acquired via secondary research and database queries. CLR obtains a very high quality of secondary information by cooperating with the leading database vendors and niche market specialists. In addition, CLR is a specialist in primary research and has successfully collected primary data in more than 50 countries and more than 100 different industries and sub-industries. For data collection, CLR relies on experienced research experts, holds discussions with experts in their native language and internally adheres to standards and best practices to guarantee a consistently high quality of search results.

Possible data gathering projects and arrangements are, for example:

Customer surveys/customer satisfaction surveys (also anonymous)
Expert interviews
Company listings (for selling, competitive, or M&A purposes)
Market size regulations
Company profiles (simple, quality validated)