Our new Export Finance Study


Welcome to the 2015 Exporter Review – Introduction

This project saw the implementation of a rigorous campaign with interviews of over 80 capital equipment exporters and users of export finance throughout the world.

Asked for their specific views on the performance of their export credit agency (ECA), banking and insurance partners, the report has produced a treasure trove of insightful information on performance, challenges, opportunities and the general state of this crucial market.

In addition the survey has produced its own unique set of awards: the Exporters’ Choice Awards. For these prestigious awards, we take the views directly from exporters that rely on ECA debt, and use them to rank the best performing ECAs and export finance banks.

TXF and CLEVIS Research would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that gave their time and views – it is really appreciated. We are keen to develop this project over the coming years, and your feedback will be critical to ensuring we get this right.

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy…

Dan Sheriff Managing Director TXF

Ludwig Preller Managing Director CLEVIS Research GmbH

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