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clevis research markt und potenzialanalyse

Market And Potential Analysis

We help you to analyze all angles of your market, identify market potential and trends, and optimize your market strategy.

Based on a wide range of secondary data sources combined with expert interviews, we conduct quantitative market modelings and market development forecasts and provide relevant insights for your market strategies.

In more than ten years of experience in market analyses, CLR has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in over 650 markets and industries with changing trends and customer behavior. Contact us and let us be your experts to support you in your business development.

clevis research markteintrittsstrategie

Go-to-Market Strategy

Have you exhausted all potentials in the domestic market and would you like to expand beyond the national borders?

For a successful expansion strategy, many aspects need to be considered, e.g. legal, economic, technological, political, and cultural barriers need to be identified.

We help you understand both niche and mass markets and provide relevant insights for your market entry and sales strategy. We assess the market attractiveness, identify business partners along the value chain, and support you in developing a go-to-market strategy.

Customers & Consumers

clevis research kundenzufriedenheit weiterempfehlungen

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

With our structured customer feedback programs, we help you to measure relevant variables such as customer satisfaction, recommendation, and customer loyalty.

Various KPIs and metrics (e.g., the Net Promoter Score) are used for this purpose.

clevis research kundensegmentierung personas

Customer Segmentation & Personas

Customer segmentation is used to categorize your customer base into different customer clusters and customer types.

On the basis of the customer typologies, you learn about the characteristics and needs of your target groups which are relevant to purchasing decisions and the basis for a successful targeted customer approach.

Comprehensive typologies and descriptions of your customers also serve as a basis for internal communication and to increase customer orientation within the company.

clevis research customer journey mapping

Customer Journey Mapping & Touchpoint Analyses

We help you to analyze and understand the customer journey, from the first customer contact to the after-sales phase.

With a detailed touchpoint analysis, we find out the pain points and provide you with the basis for optimizing the customer journey and experience.

clevis research consumer deep dive

Consumer Deep Dive

Not only do we provide relevant insights regarding the B2B customer but also regarding the consumers.

We analyze the brand and purchase funnel (e.g. brand awareness, relevant set, information behavior, purchase process, purchase decision criteria) and the digital and brick-and-mortar point of sale.


clevis research wettbewerbsanalyse

Competitor Analysis & Positioning Strategy

How does the competitive landscape look like? What is your company’s position in the competitive environment? Which strengths and weaknesses do your company and your competitors have? What niches or white spaces exist?

We provide relevant insights into the status quo as well as into the developments of your competitors. We conduct screenings and profilings of your competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

On this basis, we help you to optimize your current and future positioning strategy.

Product & Innovation

clevis-research ideengenerierung

Idea Generation & Product/Concept testing

Will the launch of a new product be successful? Does the product meet the needs of the target group? Which attributes/features are the most important for the customer?

We provide you with relevant insights throughout the development process as well as the product lifecycle.

We conduct idea generation workshops as well as focus groups to support you in the early stages of ideation, concept testing, and prototyping.

We also help you analyze your target audience to optimize your product launch strategy.

With product tests and customer satisfaction surveys we help you to continuously improve your product.


clevis research preisoptimierung preisstrategie

Price Optimization & Pricing Strategy

The price of a product/service has a direct impact on the sales and success of your business.

Based on sound methodology (e.g. Gabor-Granger, Price-Sensitivity-Meter by van Westendorp, Conjoint-Analysis) we provide you with relevant insights to optimize your pricing strategy – for both new and existing products/services.

We analyze your customers’ willingness to pay and hereby take into account various product/service features as well as the influence of the price on the willingness to purchase.

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